Prof. Sergei Rakityansky

Prof. Sergei Anatoljevich Rakitianski

Born in Omsk in 1956. From 1973 to 1978, studied physics in
Tashkent University (USSR). After that, during 19 years (1978 -1997)
worked in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia).
In 1997 emigrated to South Africa where worked in the University of
South Africa (UNISA, Pretoria). Since 2009, I am a Professor of Physics
in the University of Pretoria.

There is a confusion with the spelling of my surname. Originally, it is
spelled in Cyrillic as Ракитянский .
Since my first publication in an international journal, I spell it as
"Rakityansky". However, when emigrated to South Africa, I was officially
registered as "Rakitianski". As a result, I use the name "Rakitianski"
for official documents, but "Rakityansky" for my research papers.

Sergei Rakityansky

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